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It’s Official

Posted by brightcoast on September 30, 2008

Motions has gone to crap, for the most part. I get that it’s main purpose is for entertainment, but with all of the important issues, they devote an entire 2-3 pages, including part of the front page, to a story about legalizing marijuana. I mean come on, are we in high school? The best “issue” we can come up with for our first issue of the school year (as far as I know), front page, month until the election, is to legalize marijuana. And the best argument in favor of it is that the current policies aren’t working to deter, and the main lobbyists against it are law enforcement. Really? That’s your argument, that law enforcement officers thinks it’s a bad idea. Would you rather take their job and deal with all the doped up criminals running around? Have you seen the show Jail? Can you really say that there are no major problems that would result from legalizing marijuana? How about all of the people who don’t use it now only because it is illegal that will get addicted? Will you pay for their treatment? I’m not saying there aren’t strong arguments in favor of de-penalization, but these are not among them.

And how about this, in an article endorsing Palin, the writer lists among the VP-candidate’s qualities that she is “articulate.” Apparently she hasn’t been keeping up with the news lately.

Overall, aside from the chuckle I got from Ms. Lacy’s article about the Trolley and some of my fellow 3Ls’ alternative career paths, I would file this edition under the letdown category.


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