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In the Driver’s Seat

Posted by demkid on September 29, 2008

It’s been a rough last couple of weeks for Senator McCain, and this is really starting to show now in the polls.  I was seriously bored by his debate performance, and I think lots of undecided voters were as well.  Even though it may have been a close debate substance-wise, Senator Obama came across as much more likeable and engaging, and he was able to tie issues together well and clearly get his points across.  McCain was extremely rigid at times, and it’s been widely reported how he didn’t look at his opponent.  I think this resulted in Obama winning the debate in both snapshot and day-after polls here, here, and here

I think it’s going to be tough now for McCain to make a significant move, unless Palin somehow does extremely well in her debate this week.  Intrade Market Odds are now right where they were immediately after the Democratic National Convention…Obama is now favored about 62-37.  There have also been some surprising state polls out, including ones that give Senator Obama the edge in North Carolina.  I seriously doubt he can win a state like NC, but these polls show a significantly weakened state for the McCain campaign.  In just a little over a week, Obama has opened up some daylight in this race, and with the economic situation as it is, more undecideds will be moving away from the status quo.


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