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Fact Checking from the First Debate

Posted by brightcoast on September 26, 2008

You can find an initial summary of fact checking here.


Overall I think the debate went as well as both candidates could expect. I was particularly impressed with the intellectual level of argument proffered, particular by Obama. It was so refreshing to see two people running for national office who could actually articulate their supposed positions on things. Unlike the most recent nonsense offered on national news– I mean really, how sad is it that this is actually representative?

Anyway. I appreciate that Obama actually brought up healthcare and education, you know, issues that actually affect those of us unable to send all 7 of our children to private school.

The debate also made me question the big deal about the issue of earmarks. I understand that it’s controversial to bypass the budgeting process, but if these are legitimate projects that need to be expedited, I don’t necessarily see the problem. The people can demonstrate their outrage by failing to re-elect the incumbent who proposed the project if they truly care enough to do something. Obviously the infamous “bridge to nowhere” is evidence of earmarking gone awry, but can are there seriously no worthwhile projects being proposed to the extent that they can all be characterized as waste?

I’m glad that the candidates were able to articulate their positions, and most importantly where they differ. I think the choice is clear to the American public. I can only hope we won’t get stuck with more of the same. Just for fun.


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