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Suspending John McCain

Posted by demkid on September 25, 2008

So let me get this straight…we had an imminent deal this morning on the 700B bailout, and after this afternoon’s White House meeting, we’re apparently much further from it.  How is John McCain, who “suspended” his campaign (oh, by the way, he still had ads on this morning) helping in this process, exactly?  It seems to me like he’s just fueling the fire of contentious partisan politics and serving as a distraction in the negotiation process. 

I thought you went to Washington to get important work done, John.  You’ve really proven to be the savior so far, right?  Now, you’re continuing to say that you can’t spend half a day down in Mississippi explaining to the American People how you’d be the best person to lead the country through tough economic times?  The voters want a President who can get things done while connecting with them in a meaningful way.  They’ve been denied that the past 8 years, and more of the same just isn’t going to work.


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