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Wither Election Music?

Posted by brightcoast on September 24, 2008

During the 2004 Presidential Campaign it seemed there was a plethora of political albums and songs in the mainstream music scene. To the 5 Boroughs and American Idiot come to mind. I mostly listened to those tracks from the actual CDs, so I can’t necessarily say that they were being given their full airtime on the radio prior to the election, though I can say with certainty that in the months and years following the election several songs off of American Idiot, at least, were played ad nauseam.

This election cycle, however, I have had the misfortune of having a broken CD player, and having no choice but to listen to the “wonderful” San Diego fm radio. While I’ve observed that many of the rock songs they play are recirculating from their ’90s heyday, there are definitely new/recently recorded songs. But, there isn’t nearly the political force in music that there was 4 years ago. And I wonder, what’s changed?


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