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Just when you think the old man couldn’t get any nuttier…

Posted by demkid on September 24, 2008

this happens.  Really, Senator McCain has made a lot of boneheaded moves in this campaign (picking Sarah Palin, saying that the fundamentals of our economy are strong), but this is ridiculous.  If the American People don’t see this as the obvious political maneuver that it is, I’d be shocked.  “Suspending” your campaign two days before the first debate, where you’ll have your first chance to go head-to-head with your opponent on the important issues facing our country?  I just don’t get it, and I’ve been trying really, really hard to understand. 

You can’t run a campaign because there are economic troubles and the impact you would have working in Washington would be integral to solving the problem?  Please.  Are you trying to downplay expectations when you decide to show up to the debate and claim that you aren’t properly prepared because you’ve been doing substantive work fixing the economy the last 2 days?  Are you trying to make up for your “fundamentals” gaffe?  The fundamentals of the economy are so strong that your campaign needs to be suspended so you can deal with it in some way? 

I think today could really be the turning point in the campaign.  This morning, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll came out showing Senator Obama with a 9-point lead, and also indicating that the economy is far and away the most important issue for Americans in this campaign.  Now, the way McCain wants to try and combat the perception that his opponent is better able to deal with economic problems, is to duck a debate that’s 2 days away where he can have a direct dialogue with the people of this country who are being hurt by the current state of the economy. 

Senator Obama has it exactly right when rejecting the call to postpone the debate in Mississippi: “This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess.”  Well, we may very well hear from that person on Friday night, but the podium next to his might remain vacant.


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