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Classics = Conservatives??

Posted by brightcoast on September 23, 2008

I thought this article was interesting. I understand how teaching Marx would tend to foster more liberal ideas, but I don’t understand how teaching the “Great Thinkers” necessarily equates with Conservativism. As a law student, I find the idea that being educated in the classics as being relegated only to the right as borderline offensive. I read Second Treatise, The Prince, Utopia, Apology, (parts of) The Social Contract, Leviathan, etc. and rather than being “converted,” actually only reconfirmed my ideas about democracy, society, and what the purpose of the government is– which literally translates to the theory of no child left behind, definitely not the disastrous program with the same name.


One Response to “Classics = Conservatives??”

  1. I really appreciate the time you took, in putting this wonderful piece together Kissing Magic .

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