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Confused about Christians

Posted by shockstheconscience on September 22, 2008

A lot of things confuse me about the Christian faith and I’m sure they’ll continue to confuse me for years to come.  Here is what confuses me the MOST right now.  How is it that so many of my devout Christian friends find it so easy to support Governor Palin solely because she’s a (so-called) devout Christian herself, but at the same time, they refuse to support Senator Obama even though he is Christian as well?  Let’s be honest here, if you had to compare, which of the two has lived a more “Christian” lifestyle?  The person who worked hard and achieved great things and then turned down any number of job offers that could have made him rich so that he could serve an inner city community?  The person who has been married to the same woman for years; a woman who also left a lucrative career to serve her community and then serve her family?  Or the woman who pursued beauty pageants, stints as a weather girl and sometimes sportscaster (oh, I’m sorry, “journalist”), and spends her time in speeches disparaging the work of devoted and hard-working community organizers while her supporters inexplicably laugh and wave signs around that say “Service”. 

Let’s be honest, my Christian friends, if you were voting solely on the issue of who is a better Christian, you would vote for Senator Obama.  If you’re a devout Christian voting for Governor Palin, admit that you’re voting for her for other reasons – her conservative social views, her snappy outfits, the fact that she is female – but don’t assert that it’s only because she’s Christian.  It makes no sense.

PS – I think it’s ridiculous to vote for someone based on one criterion and one criterion only.  We are voting for the leader of the free world.  We should consider more than just his or her gender, religion, deference to the Supreme Court, stance on the war, or the fact that he is not Hillary.  Consider all those things and more?  Sure.  But don’t settle for just one thing.  Your vote should mean more than just one issue.


One Response to “Confused about Christians”

  1. brightcoast said

    …snappy outfits, lmao. I ❤ you. Cindy McCain is the one with the snapiest outfits of all!
    I agree that there is no reason to say who the “better” Christian is for the determination will be inherently flawed by that person’s perception of what is “better.” For example, how many Christians are there that go around preaching all non-Christians will burn in hell unless they lead their lives as the proselytizers, yet there are also Christians who no longer attend church yet lead very righteous and caring lives. Yet another area of double standards in this campaign.

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