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Beware: Election Fraud

Posted by shockstheconscience on September 22, 2008

With the election coming up, I feel very strongly that we all need to be involved and vigilant.  Reports of possible election fraud are starting to pop up on the news cycle and, regardless of your party affiliation, I think this is something we should all be worried about.  Say what you will about how much our votes count, but constitutional rights are violated whenever votes are taken away.  It makes me angry to think that people are blatantly and shamelessly trying to skirt our democratic system of governance by essentially stealing votes.

So, if you’re a lawyer, a law student, or know a lawyer or law student, please help recruit or sign up yourself to ensure that voter rights are protected on election day.
The National Campaign for Fair Elections has a volunteer form, as does the Obama campaign.  (I couldn’t find a link for a McCain volunteer page.  If anyone knows of one, feel free pass it along to me.)
Why it’s important: It’s happening in Wi, OH, PA, FL …
Thanks for reading!

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